Zhou Xun’s ex-lover issues Archie Kao a challenge?

Zhou Xun, Archie Kao

Barely a day after Zhou Xun had a public wedding with American actor Archie Kao, the actress’ “ex-lover” has stepped up to challenge her husband.

The actress wedded Archie the night before at the “One Night” charity gala in Hangzhou, much to the envy of everyone who was present.

Yesterday, a Chinese newspaper printed an advertisement with the headline: “Archie Kao, do you dare to love Zhou Xun like I do!” Speculations immediately arose that the author, a man named “Yuan Xiao Ou”, was Zhou Xun’s ex-lover.

The body copy read: “Don’t let her go on a diet; she has to gain another 2kg before she can be healthy. Don’t let her get drunk; if she’s drunk, then hug her and don’t let go…”

“[I will] turn my ten years of love into blessings. If she’s fine, I will be her spare tyre for life,” the author continued, and signed off as “Her prematurely menopausal boyfriend, Yuan Xiao Ou”.

Thankfully, it was quickly revealed that “Yuan Xiao Ou” is actually the name of the male lead in Zhou Xun’s new movie, Wo De Zao Geng Nan You, which will be airing in October, and the notice is just an advertising gimmick .

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Zhou Xun, Archie Kao

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