Zhou Xun wants to marry Archie Kao this year

Zhou Xun, Archie Kao

Chinese actress Zhou Xun recently revealed her relationship with American actor Archie Kao, and expressed that she would like to get married later this year.

Ever since Zhou Xun acknowledged her relationship with Archie, the public has been curious as to how she met her beau. Yesterday, the actress generously answered eight frequently asked questions about her relationship, satisfying fans’ thirst for knowledge.

The 39-year-old recounted how she and Archie had met at a mutual friend’s wedding last year. They had felt attracted to each other after their first meeting, and naturally started dating. Come June, the couple will have been dating for one full year.

Zhou Xun and Archie don’t meet often due to their busy schedules, so how do they maintain their relationship? The actress revealed that they don’t have a fixed meeting time, and don’t feel that being together every day is the only way to safeguard a relationship. Instead, she feels that a sincere heart and appreciation for each other is the right way to maintain a relationship.

As to why she chose to reveal her relationship at such a time, Zhou Xun laughingly replied, “It feels like the time is nigh, if I don’t say it I’ll be exposed soon.” She also added that she hopes to get married by the end of this year.

According to reports, Zhou Xun’s production studio is now managing Archie’s career in the Asia-Pacific region. Although he had not known of her identity when he first met her, Archie had not felt pressurised when he found out. If anything, he said, he was proud of her.

The lovers recently made their first joint appearance for a brand promotion event. The couple held hands and looked the picture of bliss as they strolled along a beach in Dubai, making spectators around them go green with envy.

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Zhou Xun, Archie Kao

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