Zhou Xun takes group photo with air stewardesses

Zhou Xun

Chinese actress Zhou Xun, who recently went public with her relationship with American actor Archie Kao, appeared again in a group photo with several air stewardesses a few days ago.

After Zhou Xun introduced her boyfriend on Weibo last Thursday, she has received much blessings from her friends and fans. Photos of the couple’s Paris vacation have also been circulating online.

It is known that Zhou Xun is five years younger than Archie, and the couple has been dating for a year. After they announced their relationship, they were constantly seen together and did not shy away from the camera.

When the actress flew to Dubai three days ago for Chanel’s 2015 Early Spring Vacation Series fashion show, she took a group photo with several air stewardesses, who subsequently posted it on Weibo.

Though she was casually dressed in an orange T-shirt and jeans, with light make-up on her face, she still appeared glowing and radiant, and the air stewardesses commented that “she is a very friendly actress.”

Netizens praised the blissfully-in-love Zhou Xun for being especially beautiful, and some even speculated that the photo may have been taken by Archie himself.

Zhou Xun

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