Zhou Xun holds wedding banquet in hometown

Archie Kao, Zhou Xun

After their surprise wedding at the “One Night” charity gala in Hangzhou last month, honeymoon in the United States, and officially registering their marriage last Thursday, Chinese actress Zhou Xun and husband Archie Kao reportedly held another banquet last Saturday.

This time, it was a low profile one at Zhou Xun’s hometown, Quzhou, coincidentally on the Chinese Valentine’s Day (seventh day of the seventh lunar month).

That evening, the 39-year-old actress turned up at a hotel in Quzhou clad in a red dress while Archie was dressed casually. The banquet was a heartwarming private affair where the couple posed and took pictures with their guests.

One of Zhou Xun’s relatives even praised her on Weibo: “Zhou Xun is a good lady! Being kind is part of observing our traditions. It is time for them to lead their lives together and bear a child!”

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Archie Kao, Zhou Xun

Archie Kao, Zhou Xun

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