Zhang Ziyi outshines Gong Li at Cannes Film Festival

Zhang Ziyi, Gong Li

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi left her senior, Gong Li, in the dust yesterday at the 67th Cannes Film Festival opening ceremony red carpet.

The two stars had both made their debuts in Chinese director Zhang Yimou’s productions, and are dubbed as “Mou’s Girls”. As such, they are often compared to each other by the media and public.

Ziyi and Gong Li couldn’t help being linked to each other again yesterday, when they arrived at the 67th Cannes Film Festival opening ceremony red carpet one after the other.

However, the odds were in Ziyi’s favour. She graced the red carpet in a fierce monochrome ensemble, designed by famed French designer Stephane Rolland. Despite the rock-style black top forming a harsh contrast with her flowing white skirt, she still managed to attract attention. Her appearance had foreign media in a frenzy as they continuously screamed her name.

Gong Li appeared barely eight minutes later, complementing her low-back Roberto Cavalli gown with eye-catching Piaget jewellery. The 48-year-old actress was a regal sight, but did not manage to garner as much response as Ziyi had earlier.

Two hours before her turn on the red carpet, Ziyi was attending a promotional event for her new film The Crossing, when she was asked if she had any plans to meet up with Gong Li at the red carpet. She laughingly asked, “Will we be on stage together?”

“I look forward to seeing Gong Li,” the actress added.

However, it seems that the two generations of “Mou’s Girls” never got to meet each other after all, as they were not seen together in official footage. Rumour has it that they were neglected by the cameramen due to the large amount of American and European stars in attendance.

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