Zhang Zhen Yue’s three-year relationship comes to light

Zhang Zhen Yue

Taiwanese singer Zhang Zhen Yue, who has always been low profile about his love life, was recently spotted shopping with a tanned lady at a hypermarket in Taipei. His manager later confirmed that the two have been dating for three years and that Zhen Yue’s girlfriend is a wage earner named Xiao Han.

At the hypermarket, the couple amicably discussed about their purchases and Xiao Han was seen paying for the bill, which suggested that she is the one in charge of finances, while Zhen Yue helped carry the bags.

After their shopping date, Zhen Yue sent his girlfriend to a spa. Xiao Han was seen meeting her friends at a café following her spa session, before heading to her beau’s place in a taxi. The couple allegedly spent the rest of the day in the apartment, sparking speculations that they are cohabiting.

According to Zhen Yue’s manager, Xiao Han has a generous personality and enjoys doing sports, and thus, the lovebirds often go surfing together.

Although the singer once talked about the possibility of him secretly tying the knot within these two years, his manager clarified that it was “most likely a casual remark”.

Zhang Zhen Yue

Zhang Zhen Yue

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