Yoga Lin seen on a date with Kiki Ding

Yoga Lin

Taiwanese Mandopop singer Yoga Lin was recently seen again dating Kiki Ding, a singer three years his senior, in secret. The pair had reportedly gotten together not long after Yoga broke up with G.E.M Tang, a Hong Kong singer-songwriter who rose to fame after participating in China’s singing competition ‘I Am A Singer 2’, where she clinched the runner-up position.

Rumours of Yoga and G.E.M’s relationship started spreading since 2010, though the couple only admitted to it publicly last year.

Since Yoga only called it quits with G.E.M earlier in February, netizens have branded Kiki as the third party in the relationship. Yoga and Kiki were even spotted spending seven nights together two weeks ago, further reaffirming speculations that the pair is now an item.

Just two days ago, Yoga and Kiki were spotted meeting at Kiki’s café in secret, where she was seen wearing a hat and trying to keep a low profile as she hid behind the counter to prepare coffee for her customers.

She even asked a friend near her to help check if there were any reporters following her.

Half an hour later, reporters saw her leaving with Yoga – he was shielding his face and walking in front, while she followed quietly. Though they entered the car together, Yoga was seen playing mobile games at the back seat. He also kept checking if they were being followed.

After sending Kiki home, Yoga drove around for a while before picking her up again at a small alley.

A source revealed that Yoga only returned to Taiwan at around 1am, but was seen meeting Kiki later in the day itself.

Yoga declined to comment when contacted by the media for this incident. But he had earlier defended Kiki by saying that there was no third party who came between his relationship with G.E.M, and Kiki herself has also stressed that she “did not do anything wrong”.

Kiki Ding

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