Yoga Lin hints at break-up with G.E.M. Tang

Yoga Lin

“I have always wanted to live comfortably, and that is only possible with both parties’ blessing,” confessed Taiwanese Mandopop star Yoga Lin, hinting that he and his rumoured girlfriend, Hong Kong singer-songwriter G.E.M. Tang have called it quits.

The latter has, reportedly, ditched the 26-year-old crooner after she rose to fame since participating in China’s popular singing competition programme for celebrities, I am a Singer.

While both parties have been keeping mum about the issue, they have both dropped hints on their respective social media account, Weibo, with phrases like “made a mistake” from G.E.M. and “we have our own direction” by Yoga.

The Taiwanese singer’s recent announcement about his intention to enlist in the army in July only further fueled speculations.

When queried by the media during his latest world tour, Speaking in Tongues, press conference yesterday, Yoga chose not to answer directly.

Instead, he replied with a couple of questions: “Must I answer? Am I handsome today?”

It was only after a resounding “very handsome” by the media that he said: “I have been trying to find a lifestyle that’d suit me best and make both parties happy,” as if hinting that their relationship has come to an end. “Now, I feel happy and I am enjoying my life.”

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