Yoga Lin confesses to Kiki Ding at concert?

Yoga Lin

Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin “confessed” to his new girlfriend, singer Kiki Ding, during his concert at the Taipei Arena on Saturday.

Yoga has reportedly been very stressed out over claims that he is a “heartbreaker” and that Kiki was the third party in his relationship with Hong Kong singer G.E.M. Tang. On Saturday, he finally managed to vent his frustration through his songs.

He kicked off the performance at 7:30pm with ‘Yue Fan Yue Ai (Romeo and Juliet Syndrome)’. The lyrics, which depict a couple loving each other more despite opposition from others, were seen as an indirect confession towards Kiki.

The 26-year-old also belted out a series of hit songs including ‘Xiang Zi You (Freedom)’ and ‘Sha Zi (Fool)’. Following that, he performed renditions of love songs such as Taiwanese singer Zhang Yusheng’s ‘Tian Tian Xiang Ni (Miss You Every Day)’. His romantic song choices were seemingly a high-profile confession of love for Kiki.

Kiki displayed her support for her boyfriend as well. She put up a notice informing customers that her coffee shop would be closing early at 6:30pm, and rushed to Taipei Arena with three female friends once she was done closing up.

When a reporter asked her if she was there to support her boyfriend’s concert, Kiki replied with a short “Thank you” before moving towards her seat in front of the stage.

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