Yoga Lin admits his love for Kiki Ding

Yoga Lin, Kiki Ding

Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin finally admitted to his romance with singer Kiki Ding after denying their relationship for numerous times.

Yoga and Hong Kong singer G.E.M Tang had a high-profile breakup, to which Yoga had admitted that they parted ways in April. However, rumours on his relationship with Kiki first surfaced in March, which raised suspicions that he and G.E.M broke up because of an affair.

The 26-year-old insisted that he and Kiki were only friends, but was unable to clearly state when he broke up with G.E.M.

The situation finally came to light late last month, when he was witnessed co-habiting with Kiki for seven days in a row. Unable to refute the rumours this time round, Yoga stepped up to clarify that Kiki wasn’t the third party, but still refused to acknowledge their relationship.

During the after-party for his concert on Saturday night, a reporter pointed out that Kiki and Yoga were wearing matching couple outfits, which spurred the latter to admit to their relationship at last, stating that he is now “very happy”.

Kiki had gone to the concert to support her boyfriend, and even expressed her love for him through her Weibo on Sunday: “Good singing, good visuals and good skills. Unlimited support for Kou De Xing Zhuang (Speaking in Tongues – the name of Yoga’s concert).”

Yoga will be heading to the army in the next two months, is he worried that Kiki’s heart will change? He hinted that he is not worried and said: “If I meet someone who’s worth carrying on with, [I] hope that there will be no changes at all.”

As for the five wrongdoings that ex-girlfriend G.E.M had accused him of earlier, and the public labeling him as a “heartbreaker”, Yoga expressed: “I’ve always treated the important people in my life very seriously. I really feel no guilt, I’m not a perfect person, but [I’m] learning how to be a good man.”

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