Yang Mi’s having a baby boy

Yang Mi, Hawick Lau

Hong Kong actor Hawick Lau and Chinese actress Yang Mi (also known as Mini Yang) announced they were expecting after their wedding late last year, but had yet to reveal the gender of their baby.

Yesterday, Hawick’s father, Hong Kong veteran actor Lau Dan, was taking part in a Mother’s Day event for TVB series Come Home Love in Hong Kong when he let slip that his daughter-in-law is expecting a baby boy.

He revealed that Hawick and his daughter were both not in Hong Kong, but had already sent a lengthy, touching message to wish them (he, his wife and Yang Mi) a happy Mother’s Day.

When Yang Mi was mentioned, Lau Dan said that his daughter-in-law will be giving birth in Hong Kong, and he will be hiring a confinement lady to take care of her after she delivers. He also praised Yang Mi for being “well-mannered”, recounting how she makes sure to bring gifts whenever she visits Hong Kong. However, to him and his wife, an obedient grandson will be the perfect present.

When asked if he is nervous about his impending grandfatherhood, Lau Dan laughed: “I’ve been nervous for a really long time! We’ve bought almost all the baby items that we need, including a few prams! [The things] are cramming up the whole house and the nursery has already been decorated. These things are mostly done by my wife and son (Hawick), [they are] really impatient.”

During the interview, he was so happy that he accidentally revealed the baby’s gender: “Everything has been prepared; we’re just waiting for my grandson’s arrival!”

As for whether he hopes that his grandson will be just as handsome as he is, Lau Dan jested, “He’ll be handsome whether he looks like his mother or father! Grandfather isn’t handsome anymore!”

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