Yang Mi shares sweet family photo

Yang Mi, Hawick Lau

Chinese actress Yang Mi posted a photo of the clasped hands of her newborn daughter, husband Hawick Lau and her onto Weibo yesterday, showing off her happy family.

Hawick also left a sweet comment for his daughter: “Stick to Daddy [and] Mummy forever, just like this.”

Additionally, Hawick’s father, Hong Kong veteran actor Lau Dan, accepted interviews at TVB City yesterday. He said that he often looks at his granddaughter’s photo on his phone while filming, and revealed: “Hawick still doesn’t know how to hold his daughter. [He’s] still in the midst of learning; luckily we hired a confinement lady.”

After the interview, he rushed to the hospital to visit Yang Mi and her daughter. When asked about his granddaughter’s name, he said: “[We] will think of a few names for the fortune teller to choose from. I think Hawick and his sister have already thought of an English name.”

When the media tried to catch a glimpse of the photo of his granddaughter in his phone, Lau Dan declined, stating that Hawick doesn’t wish for his daughter to be exposed to the limelight so soon.

According to reports, both mother and baby are well, and will be discharged from the hospital on June 5 if there are no complications.

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