Yang Mi posts her daughter’s picture for the first time

Yang Mi, Zhou Bichang

Chinese actress Yang Mi revealed her daughter’s photo on Weibo for the first time on Sunday.

In the photo, the actress’ good friend, Chinese singer Zhou Bichang (Bibi), was holding “Xiao Nuo Mi” in her arms. Although only the baby’s side profile could be seen, it was obvious that she had smooth white skin.

Yang Mi and Bibi have always been exceptionally close, although they like to poke fun at each other on Weibo. Long before “Xiao Nuo Mi” had arrived in this world, the two stars had already made a pact to let Bibi act as her godfather.

However, Yang Mi couldn’t resist the chance to make a jibe at her friend. She commented under the photo: “Your godfather specially came to see you, [are you] happy?”

Afterwards, Bibi reposted the post and replied: “Godfather couldn’t bear to leave!”

Additionally, Hong Kong actor Hawick Lau, the father of “Xiao Nuo Mi”, quietly started working again on Monday. While he was in Shanghai to promote his new drama, the new dad couldn’t seem to hide his happiness, and admitted that it was hard for him to leave his daughter.

When asked if he was returning to work to earn money for “Xiao Nuo Mi’s” baby formula, he laughed: “No, money is not the most important. This drama hasn’t finished filming, [and I] have already rested for a week, [so] I have to start working now.”

He also revealed the meaning behind the nickname “Xiao Nuo Mi”: My wife’s (Yang Mi) due date was during the Dragon Boat Festival. Moreover, kids are all so cute; [I] hope she will be able to stick to me always, just like “nuo mi (glutinous rice)”.

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Yang Mi

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