Yang Mi gives birth to a baby girl

Yang Mi, Harwick Lau

Chinese actress Yang Mi, who married Hong Kong actor Harwick Lau earlier this year, gave birth to a girl yesterday.

She chose to give birth via caesarean after going through very bad labour pains at the very last minute. The baby weighed a healthy 3.18 kg.

Although Harwick has yet to reveal their baby photos, the excited daddy announced the good news on Weibo as soon as he could. “We welcome a new family member to the Lau family! It’s been hard on Mummy, but both mother and daughter are safe, so we’re thankful! Happy Children’s Day to all children in the world and to my ‘Xiao Nuo Mi’!”

The couple has nicknamed their daughter ‘Xiao Nuo Mi’, which means ‘glutinous rice’. When reporters spoke to Harwick’s father, Hong Kong veteran actor Lau Dan, at the hospital, he explained that it was because the little girl was born on the day before Dragon Boat Festival or Dumpling Festival (dumplings are made from glutinous rice).

He confessed that when his granddaughter was born, he, Harwick and Yang Mi were all moved to tears. “When Harwick was in the delivery room cutting the baby’s umbilical cord, he cried, not because he’s afraid of blood, but because he was so touched – a little life is born just like that,” he said.

Will his granddaughter stay in Hong Kong with the family?

He told reporters: “Yes, she will be staying in Hong Kong often, but Harwick and Yang Mi will return to China for their work.”

Both Yang Mi and Harwick could not be reached for comment as of press time, as the new mother was too tired, and Harwick was too busy taking care of both mother and child.

Lau Dan

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