Wu Chun: My daughter can only be a celeb if I’m her manager

Nei Nei, Wu Chun

Four-year-old Wu Xinyi (nicknamed Nei Nei) may have yet to officially step into the glitzy world of showbiz but she already has a manager lined up in the form of her doting father, Wu Chun. The 34-year-old was in Macau to attend the fourth anniversary of water-based show “The House of Dancing Water” on August 14, which was an early treat ahead of Nei Nei’s fourth birthday.

The camera-loving tot waved and blew kisses on the red carpet and declared her birthday wish to be none other than, “Daddy!” The crowd burst into laughter, however, when Nei Nei chose lollipops over her dad immediately after that. Wu Chun then mused that he will not brood over it because his baby girl chose him first.

The Bruneian entertainer let on that he had initially hoped for his entire family of four to attend the celebrations together but his wife objected to it on the basis that their son is still too young to travel.

Sharing that it was the first time he watched the show, he praised it as a world-class show that showcases the performers’ strong wills. He added, “I hope that my daughter can embrace such determination while standing strong on her stage of life, even when she encounters setbacks. Family is the eternal safe haven.”

Questions on Nei Nei’s future in showbiz have also been prompted, especially after her appearance on Chinese reality show Daddy is Back. He shared, “Actually, she gets very nervous. Normally she talks nonstop but she was probably taken aback by the camera flashes just now. If she can get used to it, she will probably have an easier time as a celebrity.”

He added that he has no objections to her joining the entertainment industry, but on one condition: that he will be her manager in order to protect her.

Wu Chun, who shares the same birthday, October 10, with his daughter, revealed that his wife and son share the same birthday on October 11. To celebrate the occasion, he will be hosting a bash for 200 people, which will include Nei Nei’s friends and classmates on the guest list.

On what he is intending to gift his wife, the multi-hyphenate uttered coyly, “I don’t necessarily have to give her everything she likes.”

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Wu Chun, Nei Nei

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