WinkTV *Must See – NEW Cam Girls*

Lately WinkTV and LIVESTAR are having War for MONEY. Both company have been hiring MANY NEW hot models to stream..

There are many more new girls but, due to limited time. I shall just post some which you have seen before.

Let the WAR BEGINS!!!

WinkTV New Girls:

You have seen this girl in Silver Silk Panties. She has a new video in pink panties this time .. Ha ha.

pinkundie1 pinkundie2 pinkundie3
This girl is WinkTV’s New Flagship TOP Girl. She has a very innocent and pure looking face.. but she indeed also has a body of a DEVIL. She have a trademark Red Rose Tattoo on her chest.

She is SO HOT.. OMG.. Seeing is Believing. You know you want to see her video!!!


newgirl2unknown4 newgirl2unknown3 newgirl2unknown2

This Girl has been featured on KoreanFans before as well. She has too many videos, this is one of her.. with 2 .. what should I call it.. SAFETY Tape.. yes.. Safety tape is required.. as there are too many bad and horny people around.

This is another new girl. She is not bad looking and she does have a good body, but she was not given much opportunity by WinkTV.

Yep.. This girl is new and she is very yummy as she is quite fleshy. She should be the type of girl you want to hug her to sleep every night. What should we say… Soft, Warm and Tender.


newgirl3unknown4 newgirl3unknown3 newgirl3unknown2
New WinkTV Girl… she is very Slutty.. omg.. if you love girls whom like to flirt.. she is the ONE. She will MELT you totally if you are alone with her in a room with the door LOCKED.


newgirl4unknown2 newgirl4unknown7 newgirl4unknown6 newgirl4unknown5 newgirl4unknown4 newgirl4unknown3
This following girl isn’t very new. But has been around for a while. She does have many video. She is the type of girl with a pure, fresh and highschool type girl with a cute face. She has personally send us some request to put more of her videos. But well… we did have a video of her in purple silk camisole. But the video quality is pretty bad, the original video is better.

newgirl5unknown1 newgirl5unknown6 newgirl5unknown5 newgirl5unknown4 newgirl5unknown3 newgirl5unknown2 newgirl5unknown7


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