William So to marry Anita Fung in December

William So, Anita Fung

Hong Kong singer-actor William So and his girlfriend of eight years, Anita Fung, 37, will be saying their vows in December. Earlier, there had been rumours that the couple would be getting married around Christmas, but yesterday, William announced that the couple would be tying the knot on December 2, at a 5-star hotel in Hong Kong.

Rumour has it that William had initially refuted rumours that his wedding would fall on that date because the details had not been confirmed, and he had not wanted to affect the schedules of his friends in the showbiz. He was also worried that the public would misunderstand that he is creating buzz for his new album, so he decided to handle things in a low-profile manner.

Now that the date has been set and the reservations made, he felt that it was the right time to announce his wedding: “Yes! [It’s on] December 2. Initially, not many 5-star restaurants could handle 40 to 50 tables. Thankfully, we managed to find one in short notice with Deborah Lee’s (Nicholas Tse’s mother) help.”

The 46-year-old revealed that he had proposed to Anita, an industry outsider, in July last year, in the presence of his good friend, lyricist Wyman Wong; his parents; as well as Anita’s aunt and uncle.

In order to make sure that he succeeded the first time round, William even got Wyman, former actress Hilary Tsui, actor Dicky Cheung’s wife, Zhang Qian, and singer-songwriter Edmond Leung’s wife, Karen Lam, to contribute ideas.

He said: “I felt that it was time to propose, so I brought my girlfriend, mother and strategist, Wyman, to Kyoto for a Holiday. Wyman thought of my opening speech; Hilary booked the restaurant for me; Zhang Qian helped me find the most perfect yellow diamond; Karen found out my girlfriend’s finger size; all I did was order roses and speak.”

Did he kneel down before everyone? Willam replied: “No, I just asked her ‘I hope you can walk through this life with me, do you have any thoughts?’ [And] my woman replied ‘Okay’, just like that.”

He emphasised that he is not getting married just to have kids, but thought that it was time to give his girlfriend a proper status, and hoped to spend the rest of his life with her.

When asked about the details of the wedding, William expressed that he did not wish to reveal too many things, and only confirmed that his bandmates from the Big Four and singer Eddie Ng would be his best men. The couple’s matchmakers, singer Eason Chan and Hilary would be the officiators at the wedding.

William was previously married to Singaporean Jane Foong. The couple split in 2003 after four years of marriage.

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