Will Jay Chou propose to Hannah Quinlivan during his concert?

Jay Chou

Taiwanese singer Jay Chou is honouring his vow to get married before he turns 35 – he plans to marry his girlfriend, Hannah Quinlivan, in January next year.

However, the 35-year-old recently confessed during an event in Taipei that he has yet to propose. He also cut down the idea of proposing during a trip to Europe, claiming that the idea is unoriginal.

As Jay will be holding his Opus 2 Jay World Tour in Hong Kong from 20 to 23 November, rumour has it that he will be proposing to Hannah, 20, during the concert, in order to give her a touching and unforgettable experience.

Many fans feel that this move would be very fitting for Jay’s showy character, as this would not be the first time he has surprised his audience on stage. During his 2010 concert at the Taipei Arena, he invited old flame Jolin Tsai to make a special appearance, and even danced intimately with her.

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Hannah Quinlivan

Hannah Quinlivan

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