Wilfred Lau is the man that Joey Yung wants to marry

Joey Yung

Hong Kong singer-actress Joey Yung has been dating her boyfriend, singer-actor Wilfred Lau, for close to two years, and the couple is currently in a stable relationship.

Yesterday, she attended Peter Lam’s daughter’s wedding along with numerous other celebrities, which included actors Simon Yam, Donnie Yen, Alex Fong, and actress Niki Chow.

When asked if she wants to get married as well, she immediately responded, “I’ll marry immediately if I can look as pretty [as Peter’s daughter], but I haven’t thought about it yet, let’s wait for two more years!”

Why the two-year plan? Joey laughed, “It’s very normal for people in this industry to only think [about getting married] at 36 years old. I’m very envious [of Peter’s daughter], but I’ll have to get into the role [of mother] if I have get married and have kids, [and] I still have many dreams with regards to my career.”

Her desire to marry shines through her words – is the two-year plan actually a time frame for her boyfriend to save enough money to marry her? She admitted, “I hope [he] can, I don’t want to have to choose again.”

Joey’s words seem to reveal that she has acknowledged Wilfred as the man she is going to marry. Joey added, “A lot of things can happen in two years. We’re dating, so we talk about everything because we have the time, but nothing’s confirmed. I’m trying my best to reach this goal [of getting married].”

Will she be retiring from the industry when she has kids in the future?

“I haven’t thought about this yet, if I think about having kids even before I’m married, won’t I have to start thinking about [their] primary school education?” she said.

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Joey Yung

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