Who Are The Hot Girls of Korean Baseball?

Koreans are passionate about their TV dramas, Kpop muic, and Baseball.  Now that it’s Spring, the boys of Summer are already out practicing for the 2014 KBO season.  But they aren’t the only ones getting ready. Some of the hottest Korean girls are getting prepared for the new season as well.

Korean baseball is well known for beautiful cheerleaders who not only lead the crowd in cheers but also entertain them with Kpop dance covers throughout the game.  Some of these baseball cheerleaders are so famous, they are regularly seen on Korean network TV shows.

To start off the game, it’s customary to throw out the first ball, or first pitch.  This honor usually goes to someone famous or for some kind of charitable purpose.  In Korea, you will often see beautiful young women do this job.  It’s become somewhat of a craze, and many fans come early to witness the first pitch.  Celebrities like Clara Lee started their careers from this type of event.

Regardless of why you are at the game, you’re sure too witness plenty of action both on and off the field!

Here are some Youtube videos of Korean girls in baseball:

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