When will Joey Wong make her showbiz return?

Joey Wong

In the blink of an eye, Taiwanese former screen darling Joey Wong has bowed out of the limelight for the past 12 years. The 47-year-old currently resides in Canada but frequent sightings of the star have allowed her fans to be updated on her activities.

A recent upload showed Joey on the cover of a Buddhist CD donning a simple Buddhist robe. The uploader shared that she lent her vocals to the recording of the song for Taiwan’s Ling Yen Shan Monastery.

She is reported to also have attended a ceremony for the release of the song on September 13. After listening to the tune, fans have expressed their emotions with comments such as, “A voice that I’ve found familiar and missed a lot, I hope for the best for Joey” and “I feel comforted by hearing her voice – it sounds the same even though we haven’t heard it in a while. The way she sang it reminds me of (her character) Xiaoqian (from Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio)”.

Eagle-eyed fans also spotted the star in Taiwan for the recent Mid-Autumn festival, sharing, “I was having dinner in the garden behind the ‘Mid-Autumn in Yang Ming Shan’ festival and met Joey by chance. She was at the table behind us, celebrating the festival with her family.”

There have been numerous reports over the years of Joey finally making her showbiz comeback but none have proven true thus far.

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Joey Wong

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