Wang Feng to propose to Zhang Ziyi?

Wang Feng, Zhang Ziyi

If the rumours are right, Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi will soon become rock singer Wang Feng’s third wife, after the latter proposes to her in August.

Their romance journey has not been smooth-sailing. They were first speculated to be in a romantic relationship shortly after Ziyi, 35, split with her TV host boyfriend, Sa Beining, last year; Wang Feng, 43, had also just obtained a divorce with his second wife, Kang Zuo Ru.

Although the couple hasn’t had it easy, what with rumours that the actress was the third-party who broke up Wang Feng’s marriage, it seems that their love is finally coming to fruition.

According to an insider, Wang Feng and Ziyi have been enjoying a stable relationship after dating for one year. Earlier, it was twice rumoured that the former had attempted to propose to Ziyi, even spending over a billion dollars to buy a yacht, only to be rejected as she wanted to focus on her career.

However, with the sudden increase of actresses – such as Zhou Xun and Tang Wei – getting hitched, Ziyi has started to have thoughts of settling down as well. Seizing this window of opportunity, Wang Feng has reportedly gotten his friend to help prepare for a surprise proposal during his concert at the Beijing National Stadium next month.

The singer had originally wished for his 10,000 fans to be able to share the special moment with him, but unfortunately, Zhou Xun cut in line when she held a surprise wedding with her American husband, Archie Kao, at a charity event last Thursday. In order to avoid being accused of copying them, Wang Feng had no choice but to start thinking of other ideas – thus postponing the marriage.

Moreover, he’s taking up the role of mentor for the Chinese reality show The Voice of China, while Ziyi’s new film, The Crossing, will only complete filming in September. Hence, it is estimated that the couple will only have time to register for their marriage near the end of the year.

When asked for confirmation, Wang Feng’s elder sister expressed her disbelief towards the rumours: “From what I know, the showcase is for interaction between Wang Feng and his fans; there probably won’t be a proposal segment shoved in.”

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