Vivien Park Nima 2017 update

Yes, this is new Park Nima picture is for real. It is NOT taken from her video.

We have so many people asking the same question over and over again.

Question: When is new release of Vivien Park Nima video?
Answer: Never. Not at least she decided to come out of retirement.

Question: I see a so-call official website of Park Nima. Is that real?
Answer: Park Nima have retired. She does not own any website or fanclub. Why don’t you simply ask the fraud website owner to post REAL pictures or videos of Park Nima to prove it?

Question: I love Vivien Park Nima, where can I find her LATEST updates?
Answer: Over here at KoreanFanS.NET. We are the only REAL website that is base in South Korea and with contacts with Vivien. She send us updates of her real life once in a while. Below is a picture she sent to us during one of her holidays.



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