Vivian Lai accusing Stephanie Che of betrayal?

Vivian Lai

Former Hong Kong singer Vivian Lai, who was recently in the news for her high profile divorce with former husband Tsang Chiming, CEO of Hong Kong men’s apparel label Goldlion, exclaimed on Weibo on Sunday that she had been betrayed by a friend of 17 years.

She appeared to be referring to details of her marriage breakdown to the media, which has sparked much speculation recently. A source had revealed that Vivian and her ex-husband had signed the divorce agreements, and some conflicts had resulted in the process.

There were also rumours that she had become intimate with another married man, and that she is currently living with him in an apartment at Providence Bay – something only her close friends knew about.

Since the news spread, Vivian had remained silent on the rumours until late Sunday when she ranted on Weibo: “I finally see your true colours after 17 years of friendship. When you are in trouble, I’d go over to help immediately, but what I get in return is an added insult to my injury. You have hurt me, and also lost a friend who once did everything for you.”

Although no names were mentioned, netizens suspected that it could be her close friend, Chinese actress Stephanie Che. It was known that Vivian had always given Stephanie support in times of need.

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