Vivian Hsu’s million-dollar wedding photos revealed

Vivian Hsu, Sean Lee

Following Taiwanese diva Vivian Hsu’s marriage to Singapore-based businessman Sean Lee in February, the couple recently had their wedding photo-shoot in Perth, Australia, where Sean had studied since he was 13.

The million-dollar photo-shoot spanned four days, and included iconic locations such as the Fremantle Markets, Wave Rock, Swan River and a golden wheat field. On Saturday, the photos from the shoot were finally revealed on the star’s Facebook page.

In the photos, Vivian, 39, adorns a rock-style high-low bustier dress worth millions of dollars, gifted by her close friend, model Jia Yongjie.

In order to make Vivian the happiest bride in the world, Sean reportedly single-handedly took care of arrangements for the shoot, and even kept things under wraps in order to surprise his wife.

However, Vivian was slightly disappointed when she didn’t manage to catch a glimpse of wild kangaroos and koalas during the trip, and instead saw flies everywhere.

She cracked a few jokes during the photo-shoot: “I have to smile with my mouth closed so that I won’t accidentally eat [the flies]. The photographer will have a really hard time trying to PS (Photoshop) all the flies out of the pictures!”

Now that the shoot is over, the newlyweds can focus on preparing for their wedding banquets. The couple will hold a private wedding dinner in Bali on June 29, and another in Taipei on July 23.

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Vivian Hsu, Sean Lee

Vivian Hsu and Sean Lee

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