VIP MEMBER AREA OPENING 1ST JULY has been registered for 1+ year. We have been working very hard to provide juicy news and video clips to help create more popularity for Korean cam girls.

We do have thousands of visitors come and go. Despite, our effort to urge visitors to participate in our forum and activities we received almost zero response. But we do receive hundreds of email requesting for more videos… no watermarks, higher video quality, put video every day, why no video?, rtre, wfwf, fuck you, slut, bitch, spread your legs, pls show me your pussy, why the girls don’t show pussy? why? …

People simply does not understand that Korean Cam Girls come from poor families.. They are pretty and life is really HARD .. for most people. All the girls on our website are of high quality. They could of made a LOT of money selling their body. But they prefer to do cam shows. Performing on cam shows is way better than sleeping with sleazy men. You can see many of them had fun. They laugh, made friends etc Just to make some money and get on to pursue their dream.

We were on the verge of shutting down the site on many occasions due to lack of funding as our juicy videos were being boot and ban from giant video hosting site. We had to provide our own hosting for them.

As our last stand for survival. We have decided to launch a membership area to keep the site alive. Response for member signup were fairly bad. But we do have some dedicated visitors giving us encouragement by offer to signup. We REALLY APPRECIATE their willingness to support us as member.

But it just not enough, we couldn’t purchase necessary hardwares, upgrade network connection and pay for 1 year of dedicated hosting with limited funding.

In the midst of struggle.. ONE god sent email was received. A nice gentleman has offered to provide us with all the hardwares we needed. We were excited but still couldn’t believe it as it was too good to be true.
Until, someone dressed in DHL uniform came knocking on our doors with many surprising gifts.

Our member area launching date is on the 1st of July. We will be setting up a payment instruction date soon. For those whom have sent us email, we will reply accordingly. We are working very hard to process a new batch of videos for our dear member.

We have MANY exciting plans ahead. However, it still has to depend on the number of membership signup we get. But one thing you can be assured of that is.. 24 hours non-stop entertainment.

One of our Ultimate Aim is to raise enough member signups and donate “cash gifts” during live stream to the girls. Everybody need a helping hand.

We Thank You for your Support.


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