Victor Wong’s son makes first public appearance

Victor Wong

Malaysian-Chinese singer Victor Wong held an outdoor performance in Taiwan last Saturday (July 5) under the sweltering summer heat. Despite his initial frustration and desire “to immerse in water to cool down” from the heat, he was all smiles when his son, the older of his two children, turned up to give him support for the first time.

Jayden Wong, nicknamed Little V, rushed into Victor’s embrace once on stage and reached out for the microphone in his hands, “as if selecting his future career [like the traditional Chinese ritual]”.

“I did not expect him to be interested in the microphone at all, I think it (the love for singing) is hereditary!” the 42-year-old singer who wedded in 2012 said excitedly.

However, Little V became shy and terrified of the crowd during the photo-taking session, prompting Victor to talk about his son’s loud behavior at home which he says is different from that when he’s outside.

Fellow label mate Koala Liu, who attended the 25th Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan, also took part in the performance. Prior to the awards show, the Chinese singer’s diet only consisted of yoghurt and boiled eggs which were “too painful”. “Now that the ceremony is over and I am free, I will start asking my friends out for meals!” the 25-year-old chirped.

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