Victor Wong welcomes baby daughter

Victor Wong

Malaysian-Chinese singer Victor Wong and his wife Jennifer welcomed their baby daughter Vivian in Taiwan yesterday afternoon. Last night, the 42-year-old shared the good news by posting a photo of the newborn on Weibo. 

Victor also let on that the baby girl opened her eyes earlier than her elder brother Wong Wei En did, as if eager to explore the world.

He wrote: “No matter how hard I tried to act calm, I couldn’t hide my excitement when I saw my little Valentine coming out of [my wife’s] tummy. It’s been tough on mummy during the past two years.”

Shortly after, many fans commented on the post to express their well wishes for the family. “Congratulations! You have a boy and a girl now. [You are] a winner in life!” exclaimed a netizen.

The singer reportedly flew back to Taiwan from Qingdao one day before his wife gave birth. Claiming that Jennifer made him autograph 200 albums for her relatives and friends on the eve of her delivery day, he said: “Have you seen such a composed pregnant lady?”

In order for Victor to accompany her through the delivery process, Jennifer chose to accommodate to his busy work schedule and gave birth to both children via caesarean section.

Victor Wong

Victor Wong

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