Veteran actor Kwong Wah’s frail frame sparks concern

Kwong Wah

The 51-year-old veteran Hong Kong actor, who is well-known for his portrayals of historical characters – particularly as Yongzheng Emperor in TVB drama The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow, was thrust in the limelight for looking weak and haggard.

Onlookers recently spotted the actor and his wife on a shopping trip at Queen’s Road in Hong Kong and noticed his sunken cheeks and bulging veins. Talks of his health deteriorating quickly arose especially after he sustained waist and leg injuries in 2006.

Kwong Wah, who became semi-retired after his last drama outing in 2010, has been spending more time with his wife, Kitman Mak. She dismissed rumours of his poor health through a phone interview, saying he has been “eating well” and is perfectly fine.

The actor who last appeared on TV two months ago to talk about his 20-year-old marriage, later added: “I am maintaining a 17-year-old’s physique. Most people at my age tend to gain weight and have a pot belly, that is why people think I have lost weight in comparison.”

He also confidently put himself on par with international male celebrities in terms of his looks and waved off rumours of his depression. Kwong Wah revealed that he is prepared to take on new roles but has yet to meet any ideal working partners.

During his long break from showbiz, Kwong Wah says he has learnt to take things slow, instead of blindly chasing after fame.

Kwong Wah

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