Vanessa Yeung’s refusal to have kids resulted in split?

Bosco Wong, Vanessa Yeung

TVB actor Bosco Wong and Hong Kong model Vanessa Yeung caused a stir in showbiz for their recent break up, merely three months into their relationship. Word spread that Bosco was unhappy with Vanessa’s lies and her former scandals where she was seen as a “gold digger” who targets rich men, and decided to call it quits.

The final straw came when she said she does not want to give birth, a source revealed yesterday.  “Although they only just got together, they are both not young anymore, and felt that there’s no point dragging it on. Bosco was dating Myolie Wu for eight years and they still broke up, so he feels that time is not a factor. But what made Bosco really upset was when Vanessa insisted that she did not want children,” said the source.

Their high profile romance had also raised alarm bells among the TVB management, who were concerned that it may affect his public image, and cautioned Bosco to keep it low-key.

The couple had also fought several times when so much negative news of her previous affairs leaked, and even Bosco was kept in the dark about her real age – she had told everyone she was born in 1976 when she is actually born in 1972.

That widened age gap between 33-year-old Bosco and Vanessa also made Bosco’s mother unhappy. Having heard so much about Vanessa, Bosco’s mother did not approve of her son’s girlfriend, but relented to it for his sake.

It is said that Bosco’s mother would not approve of their marriage if she knew that her future daughter-in-law does not want to have children of her own.

As both Bosco and Vanessa could not come to an agreement after arguing several times on the subject of giving birth, they decided to part ways.

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