Tony Leung celebrates his 52nd birthday without Carina Lau

Tony Leung

Hong Kong movie star Tony Leung reportedly spent his 52nd birthday without his wife Carina Lau last Friday (Jun 27). Instead, he went on a dinner date with his mum, who is allegedly not on good terms with Carina.

Sources claimed that Tony’s mother is displeased about Carina’s rumours with Chinese billionaire Jing Baifu and that her daughter-in-law has failed to realise her wish of having grandchildren.

On Friday, Carina graced the opening of a luxurious watch brand’s flagship store and left shortly after the ribbon-cutting ceremony. When asked if she was rushing off to celebrate Tony’s birthday, the actress denied so and said that she was going to rehearse for a musical titled Tonnochy.

Nevertheless, Carina stated that she has expressed her well wishes on Weibo as well as prepared a present for her husband.

Although she did not work on the following day, the couple did not spend the day together. According to media reports, Tony set off to sea on a yacht worth HK$18 million (approximately S$3.67 million) with his friends early in the morning. Five hours later, the group returned to shore and enjoyed a Japanese feast, before the actor headed home at 10pm.

Meanwhile, Carina went to a house party that night and only returned home at 4am.

Tony Leung

Carina Lau

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