Third party in rape scandal speaks up for Andy Zhang

Andy Zhang

The third party involved in Taiwanese producer Andy Zhang’s threesome rape scandal has spoken up to defend him.

Recently, a man named “Xiao Ze” claimed that Andy and another man had raped him. Andy had allegedly requested for the three men to have a threesome, which Xiao Ze agreed to under the condition that they wore condoms.

He accused the two men of ignoring his wishes and removing their condoms during intercourse, and raping him when he resisted.

Yesterday, the other man involved in the scandal, “Ah De”, finally made his statement at the police station, claiming that he was the one who had had sex with Xiao Ze.

According to him, the condom fell off by accident during the intercourse, which was when Xiao Ze started to berate him furiously.

Andy only stepped up to mediate when he realised that the situation was getting worse, and the three men parted ways after cleaning up.

As Xiao Ze and Ah De are both sticking to their sides of the story, the police are sending Xiao Ze’s pants and underwear – which he had been wearing at the time of the alleged rape – for tests, and arrested Andy for offense against sexual autonomy.

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