Tarcy Su will wed this March

Tarcy Su

Taiwanese singer Tarcy Su announced yesterday that she has registered her marriage with her boyfriend of two years on March 6.

Her fiancé is a 44-year-old merchant named Sun Yimin, who has been running a skateboard distributing business Jet Sunny Co. Ltd since 1988. He expanded into distributing board sports apparel after four years, and is now an agent for over 200 sports brands. He has 15 counter outlets and over 300 distributing outlets, and is estimated to have a net worth of NT50 million (approximately S$2.11 million).

The wedding is slated to be held in the middle of this month, and only close friends and family members of the couple are invited to attend. It is understood that Tarcy’s good friend Valen Hsu and her Korean husband will be attending as well.

Tarcy’s parents are also said to be very satisfied with her fiancé, and their friends pressed them to have a child quickly.

The couple was said to have met two years ago at a friend’s wedding. As Tarcy did not like to chat on the phone, they chatted using mobile apps. It also wasn’t easy for Tarcy to open up to others, so it took Yimin two months before he succeeded in asking her out.

Her good friends revealed that whenever they had an argument, Yimin would always give in to her.

Tarcy’s sister also complimented her future brother-in-law for his attentiveness. She recalled there was once when Tarcy’s long hair accidentally got into the way when they were having a meal, and he immediately helped her push her hair from her face. She added that he is respectful towards the elders, and is a responsible and reliable man.

Tarcy herself also treats Yimin’s seven-year-old daughter, whom he had with his ex-wife, well. When she saw her sister buying an electronic drawing board for her own daughter, Tarcy also bought one for Yimin’s daughter. She even has drawing sessions with the child, and both families even brought the children out to play.

As Tarcy needs to spend some time adjusting to her married life and possibly having children, her manager said that she would only return to showbiz after June.

Tarcy Su

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