Tanya Chua up for “Best Mandarin Female Singer” award again

Tanya Chua, 25th Golden Melody Awards

Singaporean songbird Tanya Chua is once again nominated for the “Best Mandarin Female Singer” award in Taiwan’s 25th Golden Melody Awards.

She had previously been crowned Best Mandarin Female Singer three separate times, and if she wins again this year, she will be the first female artist to win the prestigious award four times.

The local singer will be pitted against Malaysian singer Penny Tai, Hong Kong singer Denise Ho, former Best Mandarin Female Singer Faith Yang, and Taiwanese dark horse Jia Jia, who is known for her vocal talent.

The 25th Golden Melody Awards released its list of nominees yesterday, shocking netizens with its choice of nominees.

Last year, many established singers, such as A-Mei, Lee Hom, Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai did not release albums. Hence, there had already been speculation that this year’s awards would be lacking of star power. However, when the list of nominees was released, the results were much more shocking than anyone had expected.

Chinese singer Li Jian and relatively unknown newbie Li Ronghao were nominees who bagged the most number of nominations across five major categories.

Many people in the industry don’t even know who rookie singer Ronghao is, as he has only just released his first album. However, he managed to be nominated in five awards, including the prestigious “Best Mandarin Album” and “Best Mandarin Male Singer” categories. Although veteran singers JJ Lin, Chang Chen-yue and Wakin Chau are also nominated in the latter, many netizens still feel that this year’s contenders are the weakest.

Having been active in production work for ten years, Ronghao is extremely happy about his first award nomination. He said, “I’m so happy that I’m not sure what to say, I’ll be attending the Golden Melody Awards ceremony in June.”

Li Jian also expressed, “Taiwan’s pop music was my earliest inspiration. It makes me happy and honoured to be able to display my composition journey through my classics collection, Shi Guang (Li Jian Classic 2013 Remake Collections).”

JJ Lin, 25th Golden Melody Awards

Li Jian, Li Ronghao, 25th Golden Melody Awards

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