Tang Wei’s first love offers his blessings

Tang Wei

Chinese actress Tang Wei’s sudden announcement that she was engaged to acclaimed Korean director Kim Tae Yong – and subsequent flash marriage – shocked many fans recently. On Tuesday, her first love, Chinese actor Zhu Yuchen, was thrust into the spotlight due to their well-known past romance.

The actor’s new drama, Yue Hui Zhuan Jia, will be premiering on television soon and at the drama’s press conference on Tuesday, Tang Wei’s recent marriage was brought up.

Yuchen generously offered his former girlfriend his blessings. Although he admitted that they no longer keep in touch, he claimed that he will not deliberately try to forget their past together, as it’s all part and parcel of life.

The 35-year-old also dished on the details of his first relationship. He had met his first girlfriend on a rainy day in 1995, while they were both preparing to take the admission test for the Central Academy of Drama: “She said hello to me first, [and] I took the initiative to court her.”

When he failed to pass the test, the girl followed him all the way to Beijing, where she accompanied him as he studied. The couple eventually managed to get into the academy together, but their relationship fell apart due to numerous conflicts.

Yuchen did not directly mention Tang Wei’s name, but as he had dated the latter between 1995 to 2002, the media couldn’t help but ask if he was referring to her. The actor smiled in response, however, he did not answer the question.

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Zhu Yuchen

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