Tang Wei weds in secret in Sweden

Tang Wei, Kim Tae Yong

It was a flash wedding for the Lust, Caution actress and South Korean director Kim Tae Yong. After announcing that they will tie the knot this fall, the two were said to have held a simple banquet at a farm in Faroe islands, Sweden on July 13 (Swedish date), and their agencies have confirmed this news.

The two held a simple and private affair with just a table full of candles, and only invited their Swedish friends. Their family members will join them at the official wedding this fall.

They chose the venue as it was where famous Swedish director Ingmar Bergman previously lived when he was alive and the lovebirds, both from the movie industry, wanted to create a special memory.

Netizens have spotted Tang Wei on a wheelchair yesterday at the Sydney airport with Kim pushing her from behind. As the former appeared radiant at her recent event in Shanghai and had no reason to be on a wheelchair, this raised further doubts over the rumours of her two-month pregnancy.

However, several reporters have noticed bandages around her right leg in the past two months and suspected that she might have injured herself slightly while filming.

Tang Wei’s ardent fans also refuted these speculations and said, “She has hurt her leg once and even visited the hospital. It must be a relapse this time round.”

Tang Wei, Kim Tae-yong to tie the knot
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Tang Wei, Kim Tae Yong

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