Takeshi Kaneshiro still looks suave at 40

Takeshi Kaneshiro

40-year-old Japanese actor-singer Takeshi Kaneshiro was said to have a rounder face and receding hairline after his last appearance in movie Wu Xia (2011). However, a recent release of his poster for new Chinese film The Crossing dispelled these rumours.

In the movie which cost NT$2 billion (approximately S$84 million) to produce, Takeshi plays a military doctor and the charisma he exuded through the poster captured the hearts of many like before.

The Crossing will be split into two parts which will be shown in Taiwan in this December and next May.

The first part will revolve around three couples – Takeshi and Japanese actress Masami Nagasawa, Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming and on-screen wife Song Hye-kyo, as well as Chinese actors Zhang Ziyi and Tong Dawei.

Director John Woo shared he decided to shoot the film after hearing the plot from scriptwriter Wang Hui-Ling in 2008, but was unfortunately diagnosed with a tumour in his neck.

He said, “When I was receiving treatment in the States, I watched a lousy film and realised I cannot die without shooting a film that is perfect to me,” and began filming right after he recovered.

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Masami Nagasawa, Zhang Ziyi

Masami Nagasawa (left), Zhang Ziyi (right)

Huang Xiaoming, Song Hye-kyo

Huang Xiaoming (left), Song Hye-kyo (right)

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