Taiwanese comedian Nono welcomes 3.7kg baby girl


Taiwanese entertainer Nono and his singer wife Zhu Hai Jun welcomed an addition to their family on Sunday. Hai Jun gave birth to a baby girl, who weighs 3.7 kg at birth, in a Taipei hospital.

“She wanted to give birth naturally, but the fortune teller advised us that 9.02am today (Mar 2) is an auspicious timing. For the child to be blessed, she decided to deliver via caesarean section instead,” said Nono, who was moved to tears when he first saw his daughter.

The 42-year-old also let on that the baby girl is heavier than he had expected, as Hai Jun did not gain much weight during pregnancy. “Little No has long limbs and big ears, just like me,” he beamed.

In his microblog post, Nono shared photos of his newborn daughter, including a picture which showed a “golden spoon” that was gifted by Nono’s mother-in-law. 

Despite his work schedule, Nono intends to look after the baby on his own. “If I need to go out for work, my mum and mother-in-law will take turns to take care of her. I can’t entrust her to a nanny,” added the comedian.

At the same time, the couple will be trying for a second child, so that Little No will have a companion. When asked if he would support her daughter joining showbiz in future, Nono said that he will let her make her own decisions, as long as she is happy. “Who knows if she inherited my comedic genes or her mum’s singing talent?” he laughed.



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