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Vivien Park Nima 2016 update

Yes, this is new Park Nima picture is for real. It is NOT taken from her video. We have so many people asking the same question over and over again. Question: When is new release of Vivien Park Nima video? Answer: Never. Not at least she decided to come out of retirement. Question: Is KoreanFanS.NET
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Fake vs Real Park Nima 2016

Recently, some video of fake Vivien Park Nima have surfaced and distributed on the internet. KoreanFanS.NET decided to look into it. We have created a video that somewhat explains what is going, so if you wish to know if the recent Park Nima is real or bogus, watch the video on this page! Things to
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Park Nima wishes you Happy New Year

Park Nima wish and greet you happy new year in sexy kimono. Hey! wait a min, aren’t Park Nima suppose to wear Korean Hanbok instead? Well, we guess her job require her to be sexy so she wore kimono instead. Hanbok is 101% fully covered.. there is no gap for her to flash her heavenly
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KoreanFanS Net is safer than condom

People are too afraid of sexy websites nowadays. We understand that surfing the WWW is dangerous nowadays, certain website force your to install virus software, malware ads, virus popup etc. People go crazy, like WOW this is a website with sexy videos, it “must be” dangerous. FYI: For non internet savvy people. We have made
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Park Nima lingerie bring back memories…

I am sure many of you still remember this piece of epic lingerie. The video that Park Nima wore this made her a super icon on the internet. Youtube, KoreanFanS.NET all add up no less than 1 billion views. I have been thinking if this piece of lingerie shouldn’t be made available for sale as
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Park Nima wishes you a blissful Christmas

Park Nima aka KW 7142 aka Vivian wishes you a blissful and happy Christmas in advance! I wonder how many of your Christmas wish is to see KW 7142 Vivian makes a come back from retirement and perform LIVE streaming again in the year 2015? Vivian has previously report that she does not operate any
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Park Nima KW7142 profile and pictures

Real Name :  ??? Stage Name : KW 7142 Nationality : South Korean Birthplace : ??? Birthdate : ??? Zodiac : ??? Blood Type : ??? Height : Around 155-160cm Languages : Korean Skills/ Hobbies : Dancing and Music Favorite Drink : Orange Juice Before you scream what who is she and is she really
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Park Nima with Love 2014

Please do not call any number that appear in videos. You might get a bill charged to your mobile provider. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Park Nima 2014 New Video in white dress

Park Nima KW 7142’s fame has come with a hefty price tag for her fans. Entertainment do not perform for free. Everybody has got bills to pay. Park Nima’s pay per view rate is getting higher and higher. Park Nima performing in a double layer alluring towel-like dress in white with a inner second layer
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Park Nima 2014 new video in blue dress

Recently, Park Nima K7142 was invited by a boy band member to appear on Korean mnet and Park Nima has not been active on the WinkTv since. The invitation has spark many rumors that Park Nima KW7142 is busy dating and call it quit on her web cam career. The news has definitely sadden many
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