Sunny Wang spends Mid-Autumn Festival with Zhang Li

Sunny Wang, Zhang Li

Taiwanese actor Sunny Wang and Chinese actress Zhang Li have reportedly been dating for more than half a year after filming Perhaps Love, the Chinese version of Korean reality show We Got Married.

The on-screen couple were said to have developed real feelings for each other after the show, often bickering on Weibo and even spending time together in private.

Although they have already stopped filming Perhaps Love, the two still kept in touch and Zhang Li even followed Sunny on a recent Hong Kong trip where they were spotted shopping and dining together.

On Sunday, both of them then travelled from Hong Kong to Taiwan and spent Mid-Autumn Festival together. However, Sunny clarified she was there to settle her personal matters and took the opportunity to explore Taiwan, not to meet his parents as “they are overseas”.

In addition, Zhang Li revealed in a recent interview, “My mum likes Sunny’s shy personality. Sometimes I cannot even differentiate if I’m really in love or it’s just for show.”

Sunny, who admitted through his manager that he and Zhang Li have good impressions of each other, also shared, “I feel comfortable around Zhang Li. The more I know her, the more I like her.”

In another interview with a magazine, the 31-year-old said, “I am already past the age to have fun. It’s time to find someone to love and settle down.”

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Sunny Wang, Zhang Li

Sunny Wang, Zhang Li

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