Sunny Wang and Song Seung Heon hit it off

Sunny Wang, Song Seung Heon

Taiwanese actor Sunny Wang and Korean star Song Seung Heon hit it off when they met at an event.

Sunny Wang shot to fame as Taiwan’s most eligible bachelor after he rocked his role as a domineering and muscled man in idol drama In Time With You.

On Sunday night, Sunny was in Shanghai for the “Huayi Elle Starry Night” event when he ran into fellow muscleman Song Seung Heon. The two stars were arranged to sit at the same table and conversed with each other in English about their work experiences, even posing for a picture together.

Afterwards, during an interview, Sunny was asked if he would ever collaborate with the Huayi Brothers. The actor replied, “Huayi has been in contact with the company. [I’ll] leave it to the company to decide, [I] hope that we’ll have the chance to collaborate.

Additionally, Sunny’s cameo in idol drama You Light Up My Star was also aired on that night. Many netizens pointed out that his acting style for the character of “Agitated Actor” was extremely similar to industry veteran Steve Ma’s, but he was  praised for his improved acting as well.

The 31-year-old was also recently linked to Chinese actress Zhang Li, his co-star for If We’re In Love, the Chinese version of popular Korean reality show We Got Married. The couple were said to have developed real feelings for each other through the show – which requires them to act like a couple – and was even voted as the “Most Compatible Couple” by netizens.

When asked if there was a possibility for them to enter a relationship, Sunny blushed: “I think it depends on fate. [I] really like being on the show with her, she is a very good girl.”

Sunny Wang, Song Seung Heon

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