Sunnie Huang nearly suffered a miscarriage

Pauline Lan, Sunnie Huang Xiao Rou

At the gala premiere of new Taiwanese drama The X-Dormitory, sequel to popular 2007 series The X-Family, Taiwanese actress Sunnie Huang (Xiao Rou) revealed that she “accidentally” got pregnant after filming commenced.

In order not to delay the shoot, she did not share news of her pregnancy and continued filming action scenes –such as jumping down from a slide and repeatedly doing squats – without a stand-in, nearly causing a miscarriage as she bled for more than five times on set.

Fortunately, no harm was done to her unborn baby. “The baby must have supernatural powers like us!” the cast of The X-Dormitory exclaimed, after Xiao Rou shared results of her check-up. 

Xiao Rou’s godmother, veteran host Pauline Lan, and co-star Emerson Cai were reportedly the only ones who knew of her condition. While speaking to the media, Pauline claimed that she was angry at Xiao Rou for “getting pregnant at the wrong time”, and felt sorry for her suffering.

Meanwhile, Xiao Rou expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to act in The X-Family seven years ago. “[The drama] is a gift to me. It accompanied me through the years and I met my godmother because of it,” said the mum-to-be.

Pauline Lan, Sunnie Huang Xiao Rou

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