Stephen Fung and Shu Qi are cohabitating?

Stephen Fung, Shu Qi

Hong Kong actor Stephen Fung and Taiwanese actress Shu Qi have recently been spotted on a date in his car and are believed to be cohabitating in her apartment in Hong Kong. The two have supposedly been in a relationship for 17 years although both parties have never admitted it.

A friend revealed Stephen has been staying with Shu Qi to experience the life of a married couple. When the actress is not in town, he will be responsible for taking care of matters at home, including caring for their pet cat MayMayBoy.

Two weeks ago, Shu Qi had to work overseas and the 40-year-old director was seen taking MayMayBoy to the pet shop for a bath, before returning to her apartment.

Last Thursday, Stephen was caught driving Shu Qi to a hotel in Repulse Bay at noon and the duo left the location together six hours later. 38-year-old Shu Qi did not hide her face when spotted, but smiled sweetly at Stephen instead.

Two days later, the two set off from her apartment on yet another date.  Stephen took on the role of a chauffeur, drove Shu Qi to the restaurant, parked the car, and dined together with a female friend before finally returning to the apartment, and the two did not leave the flat thereafter.

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Stephen Fung, Shu Qi

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