Stefanie Sun: I have revived

Stefanie Sun

Local songbird Stefanie Sun gave her fans a scare when she was reported to have collapsed after her concert in Chongqing, China on Sunday. In response to the “exaggerated reports” about her condition, the singer assured everyone that she is doing fine via a microblog post yesterday.

“After sleeping for an entire day, I have revived! I [performed without] fully recovering from a heavy flu previously, which resulted in the undesirable outcome,” she said. “Sorry to make everyone worry about me. I can fly home and see my baby (little Nadim) today. Happy!”

At the same time, Stefanie’s manager clarified that the singer is in good health and that her energy was simply depleted from the illness and performance.

Although Stefanie’s husband, Nadim Van Der Ros, was distressed about his wife’s decision to carry on with the show despite her condition, he was full of compliments for her dedication. “Only the truly professional singers have the capacity to do that,” he proudly commented.

Stefanie Sun

Stefanie Sun

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