Stefanie Sun collapses after concert

Stefanie Sun

Local singer Stefanie Sun was sent to the hospital after her concert in Chongqing, China last night. Although the songstress has reportedly been feeling unwell since Jun 11, she insisted on continuing with her Kepler world tour.

During the concert, Stefanie showed no signs of illness as she sang and danced to a line-up of 30 songs for a 50,000-strong crowd.

However, the songbird allegedly had to be supported by crew members when she got off the stage. Pictures of Stefanie collapsing onto a wheelchair also circulated online, shocking fans who were clueless about her condition.

The 35-year-old, who was put on a drip at the hospital, posted on Weibo later that night. She wrote: “Chongqing, I’ve lost my voice… Haha.”

Stefanie will be the first artiste to perform at the newly opened Singapore National Stadium on Jul 5.

Stefanie Sun

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