Spotted: The “heartlander” side of Stefanie Sun

Stefanie Sun

A photo of local songbird Stefanie Sun dressed “sloppily” in T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops at a fast food restaurant recently made its way to the internet, after a sharp-eyed netizen spotted her queuing up for food at McDonald’s.

A stark contrast to her dressy stage outfits, when she dazzled a 20,000-strong crowd at her 2014 Kepler World Tour concert in Singapore one month ago at the Sports Hub, Stef was seen with  centre-parting hair, spectacles and wore no make-up. Her laidback appearance and expression even earned her the nickname of “the aunty with a blank look” from netizens.

This is not the first time Stef has been spotted in public by her fans. Last month, the mother of one even had plastic bags hanging from her elbow when she was buying a bottle of hair spray from the supermarket. In August last year, she was seen vacationing with her family in Thailand, wearing a loose-fitting top with messy hair.

When asked about her off-stage routine, Stef admits to being very loud and casual and does not like to put on make-up when she is not working.

Her fans were entertained by this recent photo and said the idol was “a true aunty” and “an aunty with no worries”. Many netizens also praised the idol for her simple and genuine side which they found adorable, calling it the reason to why fans love her.

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Stefanie Sun

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Stefanie Sun

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