Sire Ma sells her apartment to fight lawsuit

Sire Ma, Wang Ziqi

After her relationship with her former lesbian lover Wang Ziqi was exposed at the beginning of the year, Hong Kong actress Sire Ma reportedly has not received any new work opportunities. Her financial woes worsened when she filed lawsuits against seven companies under Next Media Limited, for exposing a video clip which showed her making steamy dance moves in racy lingerie last month.

Sire made her first public appearance at a fashion event last Thursday, 15 days after the video was first leaked. Even though she maintained a professional attitude by smiling widely during the event, the 27-year-old broke down in tears while sharing about her troubles.

Due to the lack of income, Sire heavily depended on her family, who has been financing the litigation costs for the lawsuits. The actress has also allegedly spent millions of Hong Kong dollars to hire veteran lawyer Huang Wen Jie. In order to pay off her debts, Sire plans to sell her apartment in Clear Water Bay Peninsula and withdraw from the limelight, after wrapping up work on hand.

While speaking to reporters, Sire revealed that she sunk into depression earlier this year. Fortunately, she erased the thoughts of taking her own life, thanks to the support from her family and anti-depressant pills.

Heart-broken by Ziqi’s accusations that the videos were taken and leaked by Sire, the latter said: “I have to bear the consequences for the disastrous and destructive results of loving the wrong person.”

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