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Please use the live chat tab at the bottom right of our website to chat or send us an email.


Skrill Payment FAQ:

Question: What payment option do you accept?

We accept moneybookers) and bitcoin.

Question: Is safe?

Skrill(formerly moneybookers) is a leading e-wallet that works just like PayPal. they are located in UK.

Question: What informations can you see when I send you a payment?

Nothing. If you make PayPal payment, the receiver can see your full name and address. But for skrill, we only see your email. Your privacy is 100% protected.
You can see it here:

Question: Skrill require me to wait for credit card verification, how long does it takes?

As soon as you add a credit card, you can upload fund immediately before verification. Verification enables you to send higher limit above thousands of dollar.

Question: How soon can I make payment to KoreanFanS NET using skrill?

Instantly. Simply add a Credit card, upload fund immediately and you could send payment to us instantly. You can see it here:

Question: When can I access KoreanFanS NET VIP section after payment by skrill?

Our time zone is GMT +9. We are open 12 hours daily, 7 days per week. As soon as we receive your payment we will send username and password to your email. We create member account manually. We usually send username and password within 12 hours upon receipt of payment.

Question: Are you a scam? is there really hundred hours of videos and 24 hours live stream in VIP member section?

KoreanFanS NET have been operating for 2 years and going. You can see a VIP member section tour here:

Question: I am still worry about making payment.

If you do not feel comfortable for what ever reason. We do not encourage you to join. You can still enjoy our 5-10 mins short clips.

Question: What is your skrill email to send payment?

Please contact us for our skrill email.

Question: Do you accept PayPal?

Nope, PayPal feels that our website is too sexy.

Question: Why do we have to pay for memberships?

Simple. We have bills to pay. There are free lunch in the world BUT they never taste good. As and when we receive more signups, we will have more money to add more interesting stuff for you to enjoy.

Question: There is something I still do not understand…

Answer: Use the floating live agent form on the bottom right corner. You can send us message using it.


We are located in Asia. Time zone (S.Korea GMT+9).
We strive to answer all emails within 12-24 hours.

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