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Frequently asked questions:

Question: Why join KoreanFanS membership?

We cherry pick our content to ensure that our member deserve the entertainment they deserved.

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Question: What is the benefit of joining as a member?

As a KoreanFanS Network member. All you need is a mobile phone to watch 300+ hour of videos anytime, anywhere. The hottest Korean web cam girls are with you, wherever you are and wherever you go!

Question: There are so many free website out there. Why should I pay to join, are you that special?

KoreanFanS.NET is all about “hardwork” and over-value service for the price we charge.
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Question: How much does it cost to join VIP membership and how to pay?


Membership only $0.22 / day
Send us a message by clicking on the message box located on the top right corner of the website.

Question: When can I access KoreanFanS NET VIP section after payment.

Our time zone is GMT +9. We are open 12 hours daily, 7 days per week. As soon as we receive your payment we will send username and password to your email. We create member account manually. We usually send username and password within 12 hours upon receipt of payment.

Question: Are you a scam? is there really hundred hours of videos in VIP member section?

KoreanFanS NET have been operating for 3 years and going. We have a solid reputation.



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