Shu Qi plans to venture into Hollywood?

Shu Qi, Hugh Jackman

After cosying up to X-Men star Hugh Jackman in a 15-minute car commercial, it is reported by Taiwanese media that Taiwanese actress Shu Qi is planning to make a foray in Hollywood.

At the launch of the commercial in Guangzhou yesterday, Shu Qi confessed her admiration for her co-star since the 2009 Oscars where he hosted, acted, sang, danced and cracked jokes. “He is awesome. It is rare to have such an all-rounded star in Asia,” she said.

The 38-year-old also praised Hugh for having no airs as “he had no bodyguards with him”.

As the filming process, which took five days, coincided with his wedding anniversary, the caring actor even brought his wife along and requested for time-off to celebrate the occasion. Even though Mrs Jackman was present, both actors had incredible chemistry on set.

Responding to speculations of an upcoming movie collaboration which stated that the actress-model will be playing Hugh’s younger sister, Shu Qi laughingly replied: “Really? How can I act as his sister? He maintains (his skin and body) so well!”

She revealed that Hugh eats as per normal while filming for the commercial as he does not see the need to control his diet for a job that does not require him to show his body.

Despite her co-actor’s words, Shu Qi maintains she needs to stay slim as “this will make me look nice in any clothes” although she does feel the chore of having to eat little.

Shu Qi adds that she hopes to try her hand at comedies before she taking on more sophisticated characters after she turns 40. The beauty even joked that she wants to put on weight when she ages to “feel more blessed this way!”

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Shu Qi, Hugh Jackman

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