Shu Qi and Huang Xiaoming voted to star in ‘My Love from the Star’ movie

Shu Qi, Huang Xiaoming

Popular Korean drama My Love from the Star, which has a fantasy plot involving a handsome alien will soon be turned into a movie. In the drama, said alien who landed on Earth in the Joseon dynasty, falls in love with an actress in the 21st Century, 400 years later.

Since it started airing on SBS, the South Korean broadcasting station which produced the drama, two months ago, it has been so well-received in Asia that many broadcasting stations in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong have proposed to purchase the copyrights of the drama to do remakes.

With its sky-high TV ratings and to make the most out of the trend, it is said that Hong Kong Media Asia Films contacted SBS when the 5th episode was aired, to talk about the purchase of copyrights to do a movie.

However, SBS decided to take charge of the remake and hopes to work with partners in the Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwanese film industry to tap into the Mandarin-speaking markets. Production for the movie is slated to start this year-end.

Huang Xiaoming, Taiwanese actors Mark Chao and Kai Ko have been recommended to play Kim Soo Hyun’s alien character Do Min Joon.

Although the initial plan was to cast Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun, the drama’s original actress, as the female lead again, there have been talks to create a new look for the drama, and a Chinese actress may be cast instead. Hong Kong’s film queen Shu Qi, has been strongly recommended by the Hong Kong Media Asia Films for the role.

Hong Kong Media Asia Films management said: “We are very interested in the My Love from the Star movie, and hope to buy the copyrights. We’ll decide on the cast if we really manage to seal the deal. Although we’ll like to work with Korea, it’s still too early to say much.”

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